Susan: The Real Deal~ A Real Superstar

Dear Ben,

At every step, from start to closing and beyond, Susan Weinberg did a fantastic job in helping us buy and update our dream home in Delray Beach, FL. In early May, I had spotted a beach cottage online and called Susan, a realtor we met last year, to check it out. Susan immediately scouted the house in person and said it was “adorable.” We decided to submit a bid that day because of competition from another buyer. Susan suggested a mortgage broker who was able after taking our information to secure a pre-approval letter Friday night. On Monday morning my wife and I flew down from Washington, D.C. to walk-through the house. We loved it. But Susan showed enormous skill in negotiating with the sellers’ agent and the sellers to accept our bid and secure the contract.

Susan truly deserves a 5-star, gold review for her consummate professionalism and superb handling of all the complex phases of home-buying:

*Initiative–Susan, without our request, arranged for us to see comparable homes for sale the day we arrived even though we were already ‘sold’ on the house we saw online.
*Hustle–Susan edged out competing buyers by being fast-and-persistent vouching for our credit-worthiness and having us write a personal note forwarded to the sellers which helped a lot.
*Anticipation–Susan offered 3 inspector names–we chose one and had inspection 48 hours after the contract was signed. When the inspection revealed needed repairs she arranged contractor bids. She also offered us names of several home insurance agents.
*Persuasive–Susan negotiated a give-back from the sellers to split the cost of primary repairs.
*Delivers on-time–at 8am, the morning after we closed, Susan and 5 workmen were at the house and immediately started repairs and painting. Susan helped my wife pick out beautiful paint colors on the spot room by room!
*Confidence–Susan is always helpful and finds a solution to any issue that arises.

In summary, Susan is so thoughtful and supportive and ultra-competent across the board. All of these outstanding qualities were and are absolutely crucial to us as out-of-town buyers. There is no way we could have made our dream come true without her.

With deep appreciation,
Carl Sears & Sheila Smith
“New” homeowners in Delray Beach, Fl

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